Gardening and Mental Health

There are a few things in life as gratifying as watching the seeds you have planted grow into beautiful flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. It’s not surprising to find, therefore, that in the today’s fast-paced and stressful world, gardening has been proven to have a number of mental-health benefits. In an office environment, for instance,

09 Oct 2020

Interior Decor Ideas for People Who Love Gardening

Decoration can improve the appearance of any living space. People have different tastes when it comes to decorations. Interior decoration equipment varies; such as portraits and themed pictures. There is a group of people who are fascinated by gardening, hence they would love a garden-themed interior decor. If you have gardening tastes, the following are

10 Aug 2020

Decor Tips for Your Garden

Whether you have a big garden or you are operating in a small space, you can incorporate some decor styles to make it appealing. Having a suitable decor for your garden helps to tie up the theme of your house, and most people also find that when their gardens look beautiful, they are more motivated

09 Aug 2020

Linking Your Kitchen and Garden

You’re a keen gardener and like to grow your own vegetables for a modicum of self-sufficiency and for fresh, nutritious meals. You love cooking your own food. Maybe you like to eat al fresco, too, inviting friends and family around for summertime meals in a relaxing garden setting. How would you join all these passions

13 Jan 2019

4 tips for coming up with an amazing garden

A beautiful garden is a glorious sight to behold but making it exist is no walk in the park. It requires intensive tending and timely action in practices like pruning, weeding and applying fertilizers. Even with these practices, however, a garden may fail to meet the owner’s expectations if some pre-planting plans are not properly

07 Nov 2018
Organic Gardening At Home

Organic Gardening At Home

Nowadays, it’s really hard to control the quality of the ingredients of the food that you and your family eat. That is unless you decide to take the matter into your own hands and start growing some of it. Many people don’t know how easy it is, given some simple tips, to grow tasty, healthy

17 Apr 2018

Greenhouse Gardening For All

People usually think that greenhouses are a luxury that they cannot afford and that it is only a fun activity for the wealthy, but that statement is way off. A greenhouse is a great all-year-round garden that can be extravagant and inexpensive at the same time! You can even build your greenhouse by using recycled

17 Mar 2018

Vertical Gardening Around The World

Vertical gardening is becoming a popular hobby around the world. It’s a fun and inventive way of using limited space, bringing balconies and walls alive with colour and creating green areas around the home. Planting herbs and vegetables is a healthy pastime and creating a kitchen garden is inexpensive and productive. Even commercial growers are

10 Sep 2017
A home in nature

The Art Of Landscaping And Design

Landscaping and design offers inspiration to private residences as well as public spaces, blending beautiful architecture, art and landscape design. Landscapers cleverly make use of the natural beauty of a certain area so that this form part of a backdrop for different designs. A typical example of this is the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in

02 Jun 2017

Understanding Gardening Basics

Gardening isn’t for everyone, it requires attention to detail and level of interest and passion. It can be extremely enjoyable and some even argue that it is extremely relaxing. Learning About the Soil The first step you are going to have to take is to learn a little bit about the soil you are going

01 May 2017
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