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The Advantages of Urban Gardening

Living in the city has its perks but it also has it downside. For those that love the outdoors and enjoy gardening their choices are limited. However, it is not impossible to indulge in this type of past time, but it does mean learning a little about urban gardening.

Space is one of the biggest . A lot of people live in small apartments or condominiums which don’t provide the ideal environment for growing flowers, fruits and veggies. However, there are solutions for this.

As long as the dwelling has some windows that is a great start. It is even more beneficial if there are some ledges under the windows to house the growing containers. If not a table moved under the window will work just as nicely. Now if the only available room for the urban gardening doesn’t happen to have any windows that is still not a problem. Artificial grow lighting can work quite nicely.

Some apartments and building are now allowing for roof top gardens which are often a community project. This is a great way to get to know your neighbours. It is amazing just how many veggies can be grown in what would be considered as a small place such as this. Even some businesses are taking advantage of this type of growing. As a result they are producing enough produce to supply their kitchen. Plus they can get heavily involved in organic growing.

For those that just want to keep it small and convenient urban gardening can include hydroponic growing which cuts out the need for soil.

There are many innovative ways to enjoy urban gardening. It is totally possible to grow a small selection of veggies and even fruits in containers that look quite attractive as part of the home setting.

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