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A home in nature

The Art Of Landscaping And Design

Landscaping and design offers inspiration to private residences as well as public spaces, blending beautiful architecture, art and landscape design. Landscapers cleverly make use of the natural beauty of a certain area so that this form part of a backdrop for different designs. A typical example of this is the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Scotland, a 30 acre garden created by Charles Jencks, a landscape architect and theorist. An interesting aspect of this garden is that it has been inspired by maths and science, taking themes from fractals, comets and black holes.

His Artistry Delights Hordes the World Over

Unfortunately you can’t visit the Garden of Cosmic Speculation as it is private and only opens one day each year. There’s an entraA beautiful landscaped garden of flowersnce fee on the day the garden is open to the public, of which a portion of it goes to Scotland’s Gardens Beneficiary Charities. It goes without saying that this day has its fair share of traffic jams as everyone tries to find parking. The garden opening is one of the most popular and those who have dogs can bring them too, ensuring they remain on a lead at all times. The garden also offers light refreshments and there is always some form of entertainment such as a pipe band display. There are so steep, slippery areas and these are therefore not recommended for wheelchairs and the disabled.

Gardens Designed with Care in the Right Settings

It has become ever popular to snap up beautiful property at an auction. If you want to invest in a property where you can also share in nature’s magnificence, can be the place to find the property which displays a rich treasure of native plant material and as varied as it is beautiful. Auctions can well attract properties with problems and you can invest in bargain property from individual flats to country homes and undeveloped land. With the help of a landscaper, you can invest in plants suited to certain climatic conditions because water too for certain plants is a question which is often posed and is one which requires a careful scientific analysis.

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