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Gardening For Autistic Children

There are a lot of very valid arguments as to what the benefits of gardening are for all walks of life. One that is beginning to gain a lot of recognition is gardening for autistic children.

What Is Autism?

Referred to as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) it is not a simple condition to understand. It refers to a broad range of conditions that can affect an individual’s social skills, behaviours, speech and communication that is non-verbal. Gardening has the ability to affect these areas of autism in a positive way.

Becoming Involved

Once realizing the benefits that gardening can offer those with ASD, many have taken up the cause to provide more opportunities for these individuals to become involved in this activity. This is something that needs to be nurtured so that anyone can reap the benefits of gardening.

How Gardening Helps

Many with autism struggle with gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills. Different gardening skills can help with this such as:

  • Raking helps with coordination
  • Digging helps to build strength and dexterity in the hands
  • Using a wheel barrel helps with a sense of direction and strengthens the muscles used to move the loaded wheelbarrow.
  • Watering with a watering can help with coordination.
  • Seed planting helps with the fine motor skills
  • Picking different plants or harvesting vegetables allows for touch sensation. It allows the individual with autism to be able to discern as to which plants need more tender touching. Then pulling some of the root vegetables requires more strength.

All of these gardening activities require some decision making and can be an excellent learning tool for those who are assisting those with autism.


Aside from the physical benefits, there are many other benefits that gardening brings to those with autism.

  • It teaches the individual to cooperate
  • It sets them up for being able to focus by following instructions.
  • It has a calming effect.
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