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Gardening Indoors and Out

One of the advantages about gardening is that it is something that you can do in both an indoor setting as well as outdoors. Even those that only keep a few plants growing in their home are working at a minimal level of gardening. Gardening comes under the horticultural industry and as such there are many different categories within this that one can become involved in.

Indoor Gardening

This is often where many people start to enjoy this type of activity. It is something that is not too costly to get started at and it really doesn’t demand a lot of time when it is kept at a minimal level. It is certainly one that can be considered as a hobby but often individuals find that they become so engrossed in their indoor gardening activities that they want to branch out to bigger space which means working outdoors. It can also be a way to save on the grocery bill . Indoor gardening is arguably easier and more controllable than the alternative; outdoor gardening.

Outdoor Gardening

Outdoor gardening can be good for the health both on a mental and physical level. The same can be said for indoor gardening but on a smaller scale.

When it comes to outdoor gardening one has to decide whether they want to focus their attention on growing flowers or whether they would like to dabble in growing vegetables. Comparing the two, growing of vegetables creates a little bit more work in that not only do they have to be grown but they have to be harvested. Also growing of vegetables tends to take up more space. Many people start off with what they think is going to be a small vegetable patch that ends up growing dramatically. The more it grows the more work that has to be done.

One of the disadvantages to outdoor gardening is that it does require more physical labor because there is the working of the ground and often it means much more weeding and maintenance. However, there is nothing wrong with container gardening which can be done outdoors as well as indoors. One of the advantages to this is that this type of growing is that it can be done outdoors in the nice weather and then transferred indoors when it becomes colder.

There are several options open to the gardener and each have their own advantages.

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