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Health Benefits of Gardening

Aside from the pure fun that gardening brings it is being shown that it also has many potential health benefits to it. Some studies are showing that gardening is a wonderful way for relieving stress. Many individuals are finding that after a stressful day taking in a hour or two of gardening at night is one of the best things that they can do for themselves.

For individuals that suffer with anxiety and low self-esteem gardening for many of these people has proven to be a good remedy. By getting good results with their gardening efforts it is building their confidence which then begins to spillover in other areas of their life.

Another group of people that are finding that gardening is beneficial to them are those at that have mental health issues such as depression. They find it that being able to focus on something that is positive which gardening is, that allows them to think clearer and in a more positive way. It gives them something to look forward to with out placing a a lot of demands on them.

Gardening is also showing to be beneficial with those who are looking to better their heart health.

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