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Seniors Reap Benefits of Gardening

Gardening in general is being proven to be beneficial to all age groups. Seniors benefit greatly from this pass time for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows for mental and physical stimulation which helps with mental and physical ability and capability. It also helps provide meaningful opportunities for those who may otherwise not have a lot of ways to fill their time. Finally, it offers the opportunity to socialize, to be part of a community and to make a meaningful contribution.

Seniors tend to take their gardening responsibilities very seriously. They know that the growing of plants, fruits and veggies means providing ongoing care for them. This encourages seniors to look forward to each day by being able to meet their obligations for the plant care they must provide.

Gardening can also contribute to keeping seniors more mobile. It encourages them to work with their hands so that may assist them in keeping the muscles and joints in their hands and arms more limber. It also encourages them to focus on the tasks at hand.

Many senior home care facilities are recognizing the importance of gardening for seniors and are creating ways that they can participate in this.

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