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Vertical Gardening Around The World

Vertical gardening is becoming a popular hobby around the world. It’s a fun and inventive way of using limited space, bringing balconies and walls alive with colour and creating green areas around the home. Planting herbs and vegetables is a healthy pastime and creating a kitchen garden is inexpensive and productive. Even commercial growers are now using vertical spaces, allowing them to expand their planting areas. However, vertical gardens offer much more than this – they are providing a way forward towards a better future.

Vertical Green Walls And Urban Regeneration

It has become a growing trend in urban settings to regenerate areas, especially in the cities, where land is limited. Vertical gardens can provide much needed green space and provide a home for wildlife. They can be made with sustainable materials and can create anything from a wonderful tower of plants to aesthetic green walls. In many countries, large scale green walls are being created as sustainable architecture, climbing up the sides of high rise blocks or offices. The world’s tallest green wall is in Sydney, Australia and is over 166 metres high, with 38,000 plants bringing life to the environment. To combat air pollution, A ‘vertical forest’ is being built in China which will house over 1000 trees and produce 60kg of much-needed oxygen every day.

Create Your Own Vertical Garden

Creating your own vertical gardens can be an inspiring experience. They should make use of every nook and cranny, ledges or walls and can make great decor for porches, living rooms and kitchens. There are professional systems available, but anything can be used from tin cans, old shelves, guttering or wooden crates and pallets. If there is a little more space, then trellis, bamboo poles and ropes can also be used. Add some potting mix and seeds and there will soon be something beautiful to look at. Succulents, grasses and perennials will all thrive easily, or you could plant colourful blooms to attract bees and butterflies. If you need some inspiration, then check out the flights at and visit the CaixaForum in Madrid, an amazing example of vertical garden art.

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